Cookie guidelines

What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a small file that consists of a text-only information string that a website transmits to the Web browser of your computer's hard drive and stores it there temporarily for the time of your visit on the website or sometimes for longer, depending on the type of cookie. Cookies exert different functions (for example, to differentiate between you and other users of the same site) and are used by most Web sites for a superior user experience.Each cookie is unique to your Web browser and includes anonymous information. Typically, a cookie contains the name of the domain from which it has come , the "lifetime " of the cookie, and a value (usually in the form of a randomly generated , unique number).


Types of Cookies

The main types of cookies that could be used by websites are described below.

  • Session-Cookie

These are temporary cookies that remain only for the duration of your visit in the cookie file of your browser and are deleted when you close the browser.

  • Permanent-Cookies

These remain in the cookie file of your web browser, even after you close the browser, sometimes a year or more (depending on the exact lifetime of the specific cookie). Permanent cookies are used if the operator of the site may need to know your identity for more than just a browsing session (e.g. to save your user name or website design preference).

  • First-party-Cookies

These are cookies of the current site that you are currently viewing in your browser. These cookies are stored on your hard disk. For this purpose, you must be assigned a unique identity in order to track your movements on the website. Website owners use first- party cookies often for the session management and for recognition purposes.

  • Third-party-Cookies

These are cookies that are used by third parties (e.g. social networks ) to keep track of your visits to various web pages on which turn this third party advertisements. The website operator has no control over these third-party cookies.


Cookies on this website

On this site we use cookies as described in the table below in order to improve the application possibilities for our site visitors. You are entitled to revoke your consent to the use of cookies at any time. If you remove the cookies on this website or reject their use, this should not particularly restrict the functionality of the site. In addition, the deactivation of a cookie or a cookiecategory does not mean that an existing cookie is deleted from a browser. This must be done within your own browser separately.

The following table contains information about the cookies we use on this site, e.g. how they are turned off, and how this will affect the website functionality. For more information about the management as they are deleted certain types of cookies, their control or can be found at

Name of the cookie Description Type of cookie
cc_agree This cookie is set when accepting the cookie note to avoid displaying the same information again on subsequent visits. Permanent Cookie
fe_typo_user This cookie is used by the Conten management system for the user's application on restricted sites. On the public side no personal data is stored. Session-Cookie
These cookies are generated by Google Analytics to collect anonymous traffic data as described in the Google Analytics Terms. They contain an arbitrarily created unique visits recognition, time stamp and information about the visit including references / recommendations. The current visit data is collected on the server side of Google. You can turn off the tracking by Google Analytics on this website: First-party-Cookies